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Professional & Managed Services for Microsoft Solutions

Design & Deploy

In today’s modern Technology Landscape, infrastructure resources are needed in seconds, not days. Microsoft Azure offers the ability to deploy infrastructure and applications without the constraints of physical resource limitations. With our engineers on your team, we can help design and build the most efficient deployment strategy that meets your organization's needs.

Microsoft Azure Security


Microsoft Azure has the most security accreditations among Public Cloud Providers and even offers a specific Azure Government version for enhanced security. Using Microsoft’s Advanced Proactive Threat Detection and Response suite of security tools, we can help secure your Azure cloud environment end-to-end.

Microsoft Cloud Services, Migrations & Solution Design

Life Cycle Management

Our experts utilize Microsoft Azure and Office 365 integrations to ensure your IT teams don’t lose visibility and access to your organization’s infrastructure. Leave the hard work of managing CLI tools and PowerShell scripts to us while accessing visibility dashboards via portals.

Microsoft Automation, Orchestration & Monitoring


Microsoft Azure and Public Cloud Computing allow businesses to shift to an Operating Expense model with a low platform administration and maintenance overhead. Our experts can assist in modernizing infrastructure and transforming your business for the modern workplace, including custom remote access options.

LiftCloud Services

The list below contains the most popular services LiftCloud provides for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 deployments:

  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services – Microsoft-Managed domain services in the Cloud.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop – Cloud-hosted VDI Solution.
  • Defender for 0365 – Proactive Threat Detection and Response.
  • Hybrid Identity — Extend Identity and Access Management to Azure using current Active Directory.
  • Microsoft Intune – Workstation management through MDM.
  • Single-Sign On (SSO) – Azure’s built-in Identity Provider (IDP) functionality using SAML.
  • Azure Virtual WAN – Extend your network to Azure, with ease. One central plane to manage route tables, firewalls, site to site vpn, point to site vpn, Expressroute, and Azure Private Link.
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud – Protect resources in the entire multi-cloud environment with one solution.
  • Windows Autopatch – Stop managing updates for workstations; have Microsoft do it for you like magic!

Migrating to the Azure Cloud for the First Time, or Integrating a Recent Acquisition?

Whether you’re migrating all of your on-premise Microsoft environment to the Azure Cloud, or are taking a hybrid approach requiring the two to work in tandem – LiftCloud has completed countless successful migrations over the years. Acquisitions pose special requirements, oftentimes requiring legacy technology to work with modern tech, especially around Identity and Access Management (IAM). We have extensive experience implementing and managing Microsoft Identity and Access Solutions for any acquisition scenario, as well as migrations from on-premise Active Directory (AD) to Azure AD, and have a deep understanding of features, limitations, and optimized architecture patterns.

Explore Azure Consulting Services

Discover the cloud solutions you need to achieve your business transformation goals.

Make Remote Work Just “Work”

In today’s modern work landscape, much of the user base has transitioned to working from home. Remote work is where the capabilities of cloud-based solutions shine with Azure, on whichever path the organization needs. Intune provides a robust suite of management options for fast deployments, especially with Windows Autopilot and patching with Windows Update Rings. For a more high-performance cloud-hosted VDI solution, Azure Virtual Desktop is leading the way!

Microsoft Intune

Provide That Ultimate User Experience

Provide your users with the most efficient and secure experience to meet business goals. Azure Ad Connect (or Azure Ad Cloud Sync) enables the sync of user accounts from the traditional Active Directory to Azure AD. It is possible to extend this further with Azure Ad Domain Services, SaaS domain offerings that sync from Azure AD. Azure Active Directory also supports Saml and Oauth2 natively, which allows Single-Sign-On for applications and services.

Azure Ad Connect Azure Ad Cloud Sync

Bring all Offices Together

Many organizations have teams nationwide in different branches, data centers, or remote locations. Azure Virtual Wan offers many services to bring everyone together! This service provides Site-to-Site VPN at scale with options for complex routing scenarios and netting situations for inter-cloud connectivity. Connect users to specific applications and services with a user Point-to-Site VPN. It’s possible to secure it all with an Azure Firewall or 3rd party partner of preference!

Azure Virtual Wan

Secure everything!

Microsoft has you covered for vulnerability scans and recommendations for enhancement using Microsoft Secure Score. Not only can you protect all the company’s Azure tenants with Defender for Cloud, but it can also extend to AWS and GCP, for one pane of glass into the whole multi-cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Purview also offers a suite of features around Compliance, such as Microsoft Information Protection, DLP, Data Classification with Trainable Classifiers, Insider Risk Management, and so much more!

Microsoft Purview

Let Automation do the heavy lifting

In the current tech landscape, quickly delivering applications and services is critical. Microsoft offers a full-featured suite of services for this in Azure DevOps. Tools like Azure Boards can track work in an agile methodology. Azure Repos provides a secure place to store code with native git integrations and direct links to run in Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CID) Pipelines. Utilize the full orchestration of applications and services in one place!

Azure DevOps

Why Choose LiftCloud?

  • Focused Engineers LiftCloud built its foundation on the principle of "Specialization," wherein our experts in Microsoft Azure and Office 365 focus exclusively on those products and do not handle other technologies.
  • Always-On The most popular way folks work with us. Always-On allows you to work with our Microsoft experts and opens your support contract to work with another division specializing in other technologies, including F5, NGINX, AWS, Red Hat, DUO, and nCipher.
  • No Sales Overhead We are an engineering-first team. While we can sell you Azure consumption and Office 365 – we don’t have sales goals, and no one earns a commission at LiftCloud. This results in better prices and honest recommendations.
  • Our Microsoft Certified Engineers follow industry standard best practices.

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